Severe weather entering north India Baseless: Director Disaster Management

In a statement director Disaster Manager Amir Ali said that A fake news is being circulated on social media wherein it has been claimed that

“a very severe weather system is entering north India any time today and that strongest winds in 7 years with heavy rains and hails are expected. People are asked to take precautions as winds gusting upto 100 Km are likely to cause serious damage, so avoid unusual outside exposure and keep cars under cover”.

The matter was discussed with our great friend Mr. Sonam Lotus, Director IMD Srinagar, who has refuted this claim and has clarified for the information of people at large, that there is no such forecast issued by IMD and that these are just rumors.

It’s in our interest to take adequate precations, since natural calamities can strike without warning, but this particular news is not based on facts and is dismissed as rumors.

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