NC expresses dismay over transfer of 60 kannals of land to CRPF

Expressing dismay over transfer of 60 kanals of land to Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) by Governor administration, National Conference (NC) on Saturday said the city is already facing land crunch and the buildup will affect civilian activities.

In a statement here this evening NC general secretary Haji Ali Muhammad Sagar while censuring the administration for transferring 60 Kanals of land in the suburbans Srinagar to CRPF said, “The urban life of Srinagar is already under duress.

He said services that are hall mark of the urban areas across the globe are yet to be made available to the people of Srinagar, he said adding “The city is already facing land crunch for the development of various facilities to manage the gigantic load of solid waste. The move of transferring land to CRPF will further dent development activities including that of waste management projects in the city. Having a massive chunk of land under security forces will inadvertently put pressure on ecology of wetlands and lakes as people will eventually take over eco-fragile zones of Srinagar, he alleged.

Mr Sagar said “The move is imprudent and is bound to affect the long term strategy of state government to provide for the mounting demands of the ever growing population of the city. The move will dent the long term efforts of the state government to make use of the urban periphery of Srinagar for civilian purposes.”
Mr Sagar while terming the step regressive said, “At a time when governments around the world are thinking of providing eco-friendly services of connectivity, housing, garbage waste management, besides maintaining the cultural landscape of the cities; our government is rather on a regressive mode.

It is gobbling the already provided space for unproductive measures.”
He further added, “Nobody is belittling the importance of security, it is a critical aspect of our security but the step should have been taken after taking into consideration various agencies that upkeep and look after the infrastructure, transportation of the Srinagar city.”

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