NC a barren and loveless entity – Sajad Gani Lone

Irfan Ansari would rise above self to deliver for the people of the state

Peoples Conference (PC) candidate, Irfan Raza Ansari on Tuesday filed nomination papers for the upcoming parliamentary polls from Srinagar constituency.

Irfan Ansari was accompanied by party chairman Sajad Gani Lone, PC General Secretary Imran Ansari, PC senior leader Abid Ansari, Junaid Azim Mattoo, Political Secretary to Chairman Shahid Rashid, among others.

Irfan while responding to questions posed by reporters after filing his nomination papers said that he would take on the challenges confronting the generation of today.”

“I represent the younger generation and I believe I am more in touch with the problems and realities faced by today’s generation and would be able to not only understand them well but also try and find a way out to resolve those problems.”

Reiterating his desire for change, Irfan said that he would do whatever it takes to deliver change to the people of Srinagar.

“I want to contribute, want to be a part of change. All of us especially the people of Srinagar deserve change. The traditional parties have been representing Srinagar Parliamentary Constituency for decades and most of the time it is family members of the dynasts representing Srinagar. We all know that apart from enjoying the luxury of having a bungalow in Lutyens’ Delhi, there has not been a lot that can be added to their report card when it comes to what they did for Srinagar constituency. I will try and strive hard and do what it takes to ensure that Srinagar becomes one of the most beautiful places in the world”, he added

On the occasion, PC chairman Sajad Gani Lone said that Irfan Ansari is a breath of fresh air and would usher in an era and a political landscape blotted with changelessness, he is a ray of hope.

“I am confident that Irfan would be victorious and it would usher in a new era of youthfulness, of innocence, of a desire to change, a desire to contribute and also an element of idealism. We desperately need young and dynamic individual like Irfan Ansari who would rise above the self in order to deliver for the people of the state”, he added.

While responding to questions asked by reporters about the controversial remark of ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ by Mohammad Akbar Lone, said that ‘it isn’t a crime to raise slogans in favour of any country.’

“We as a political party have absolutely no objection to him raising any slogan. However, when it comes to the National Conference, what they have in heart is quite opposite to what they say in public gatherings. I wish they loved any country or any state. The reality is that they are a barren and loveless party who apart from loving their own selves have no lost for any country, any state or any people”, he added.

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