Ch. Talib Hussain joins PDP, Mehbooba welcomes the “face of Justice for Rasana”: PDP Spokesman

In a statement PDP today said that Chowdhary Talib Hussain, a well known social activist, voice of tribals, rights activist and the flag bearer of justice for Rasana rape case victim joined People’s Democratic Party in presence of Party President, Mehbooba Mufti.

The statement further says that Talib a crusader for tribal rights has championed the cause of the community vocally and has spearheaded the movement for political empowerment of the youth in the tribal community.

“Hussain is an energetic and hardworking activist from the area who joined the PDP with an aim to serve people of the state. He will contribute immensely for the growth of the party in the area,” reads a handout.

Party President Mehbooba Mufti welcomed Talib Hussain and urged all members of the community to unite as one single unit to prevent further assaults on the rights of the community

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