Will bring ‘respite’ to people if voted to power: Omar

Accuses PDP-BJP Govt Of Putting Chasm On Mellowing Down PSA, Doing Away With AFPSA

National Conference vice president Omar Abdullah on Saturday said that his party will make “renewed efforts” to bring “respite to people” even as claimed that all the major gains in decreasing the footprint of security forces, mellowing down of PSA and efforts to do away with AFSPA were put into a “chasm” by the former PDP-BJP led government.

Addressing a public meet at Rajpura, Pulwama party vice president said that the in the forthcoming Assembly elections the party will come up with a comprehensive program for the rehabilitation of stone pelters. “I have already taken an undertaking that once in power with a strong mandated government we will obliterate PSA from the law books of the state. During my previous stint as CM, I brought some changes to the PSA law to make it more juvenile friendly. In my tenure, I raised the issue of decreasing the footprint of armed forces in various areas; my government actually did lessen the grid of bunkers. I made earnest efforts to impress on the need for removing AFSPA from the areas where the situation was considerably peaceful. However, the PDP-BJP was not able to keep up the momentum of my good work. Today we have a situation wherein our highways have been snatched from us. What good was achieved by bringing down the footprints of security forces in my time was also put into an abyss by the former BJP-PDP led government.”

He further added, “Today Mehbooba has bequeathed such a situation in Kashmir that she herself is not able to canvass for parliamentary elections in Kashmir, in particular, the south Kashmir areas. It is Masoodi sahib, who has taken a lead, in making a point to visit all the poll-bound areas of south Kashmir. I am sure that the enthusiasm of the people of south Kashmir will give more clout to him to work for the protection of Art 370, Art 35-A both inside and outside the parliament.”

Omar while censuring the Modi led BJP government said, “Had the BJP government been able to deliver on any of its promises it made to the people of India in the run up for 2014 elections, it would not have hunched to low to seek votes in the name of Balakot, and Pulwama. We see them not speaking about their achievements. Their raising of emotive issues is rather an oblique acceptance of failure by them. However, people have made it a point to teach them a lesson for squandering the precious mandate of 2014.”

While referring to Art 370, Art 35 A as the articles of faith for National Conference, Omar said, “The articles ensure the citizenry of our state certain unbridgeable rights in jobs, land rights and scholarships; any move to scuttle the articles will have far-reaching consequences on the people of the state. So it is imperative for the people across the state, in particular, the people of south Kashmir to vote for NC. This time every vote you cast will set the recourse of our state for the next half a decade. This time you will be voting for securing your identity which is facing unbridled attacks from all sides.”

Flaying Mehbooba Mufti for shedding crocodile tears on the miseries of people he said, “The election time crocodile tears are political tears whose veracity is under question. Had PDP president and the Ex-Chief minister shed tears when our youth were devoured upon in 2016, it would have had any impact. One may inquire from her as to where she was her concern for people when the people of Kashmir were subjected to worst of human rights violations, killings, blinding and much more. It was during her tenure that people were used as human shield; where her sympathy and empathy was for those who were blinded, bruised during her tenure. People are the good judge of character of PDP and its stint in power.”

Addressing the gathering, provincial president Nasir Aslam Wani said that Congress, unfortunately, is denting the efforts of all the secular forces in the state by tacitly supporting BJP in Ladakh by propping proxy candidates from there to divide the vote. “However people of Ladakh won’t fall prey to the shenanigans of Congress, they have made it a point to strengthen the hands of secular forces to trounce the efforts of forces as are inimical to state’s special status.” (GNS)

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