Teacher punishing student video: Police takes cognizance

Police in a statement today said that this refers to a video which got viral on social media platforms purportedly showing a school teacher inflicting corporeal punishment on minor children studying in a local school at Awantipora.

Awantipora police took cognizance of the matter and accordingly initiated prosecution proceedings against the said individual under relevant sections of law.

Officers while investigating the offence have learnt that the individual in the purportedly viral video is Farooq Ahmad.

Farooq has been taken to a local police station where he remains in custody. Officers will be speaking to him about the incident.

Police is committed to show zero tolerance towards any physical or mental punishment inflicted through humiliating methods on school-going children. It is now globally acknowledged that punishment in any form inflicted on school-going children comes adversely in way of developing full potential of the school-going children.

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