Statement of Modi over Kashmir issue a cruel joke: Geelani

Terming the statement issued by the Indian Prime Minister, Narinder Modi as a cruel joke and unrealistic, All Parties Hurriyat Conference chairman, Syed Ali Geelanisaid that issue of Jammu and Kashmir is an internationally recognized dispute and can’t be changed by these false and arrogant statements. He said that the Indian Prime Minister is absolutely ignorant about the history and advised to shun their ego and stubbornness, accept the ground realities and come forward to address this basic issue according to the wishes and aspirations of people of Jammu and Kashmir.

Out rightly rejecting parroting Kashmir as an integral part of India, Hurriyat chairman said that the glorious political history, geography and culture of Jammu and Kashmir has a bright dissimilarity with the non-serious utterances of Indian Prime Minister.

Reiterating historically proven position of Jammu and Kashmir, pro-freedom leader said that Kashmir has never been a part of India whereas the fact of the matter is that it has been subjugated through military power by India on October 27, 1947. Vehemently disproving the strange and illogical arguments put forward by Narinder Modi regarding the position of India on Kashmir, the Hurriyat leader said that for the sake of argument even if we agree such vague arguments then Indian Prime Minister must set his memory right that Muslims have ruled India near about 1000 years, that same India which Narinder Modi is going to build as a Hindu Rashtra.
Advising Narrinder Modi not to build castles in the air, not to beat about the bush and not to flee from the present ground situation of Jammu and Kashmir where more or less on million occupational military, para-military and police forces have rendered the local population in a hell like prison of the modern times.

Terming Kashmir as an outcome of non-compliance of Indian Independence act of 1947, the basic formula for the partition of India, the Hurriyat leader laid stress on the early resolution of Kashmir issue by granting right to self-determination in a peaceful atmosphere.

Pro-freedom leader castigated the Indian obduracy, stubbornness of parroting Kashmir as an integral part of it and its illogical rigidity, said that as a nation people of Kashmir love peace, dignity and freedom.
Strongly rejecting the pretending of the well planned alliance of BJP and PDP by Indian Prime Minister, Hurriyat chairman said that since 1947, India has thrusted its local stooges on the people of Kashmir as and when they needed to fulfill their nefarious designs.

Since then India has engaged in breeding politics of deceit, fraud and hypocrisy and today all such tactics have been exposed before the people of Kashmir. Citing the example of the group of all such political actors of the state, Hurriyat chairman said that the great hue and cry during the so-called election season raised by such hypocrites about article 370 and 35-A which have been rendered as just ceare-crows by all of them by brazenly abrogating their constitutional validity. People taste the rule of non-state subject officers from DSP’s, SP’s, DIG’s, DGP’s, Chief Secretary, ACD’s, DC’s, Chief Justice and Governor and still the constitution of the state is safe in their hands, is the gist of politics of hypocrisy and deceit.

Laying stress on the complete election boycott and shutdown on April 29 in Kulgam district and said that it is an important formula to defeat the Indian wicked designs in Kashmir, Hurriyat leader made a fervent appeal to the people that we have invested mighty human material and every person, family and region has its own contribution which legalizes and compels the stakeholders not to let these precious sacrifices go waste.
He said that the poll boycott has frustrated the Indian leadership which can be well read from the Indian Prime Minister’s speech.

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