Shifting of Detenues outside state; violation of human rights: Justice Masoodi

Justice Hasnain Masoodi, National Conference leader and Candidate for Anantnag Parliamentary Constituency, has decried shifting of political detenues to Haryana and other States as gross violation of human rights. While addressing public gatherings at various places in south Kashmir, Justice Masoodi has pointed out that a detenue is held without any charge and trial on mere suspicion and not only detention is repugnant to basic human rights and constitutional guarantees but shifting a detenue out side State hundred of kilometres from ordinary residence is condemnable in strong words.

He has reminded the authorities that in terms of authoritative pronouncements of Supreme Court, a detenu is to be lodged close to his place of residence so that his family and friends can visit him at regular intervals. Insisting that a detenu is not denuded of his all rights on his detention, it is stated that a detenu has right to receive his family and friends, to interact with them and that shifting a detenu outside State, practically deprives the detenu of this valuable right and amounts to visiting detenu with mental trauma adversely affecting psyche.

Justice Masoodi has demanded immediate return of each and every detenu including renowned religious scholars Dr. Hameed Fayaz, Movlana Mushtaq Ahmad Veeri to State, revocation of unwarranted and unjustified detention orders slapped on them and their release so that they can perform their religious duties unhindered. The detention orders of religious leaders, it is stated, do not only violate right to life and personal liberty but also offend right to profess and propagate religion, guaranteed under the constitution as also international humanitarian law.

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