Er. Rasheed questions absence of Mr. N. N. Vohra during oath ceremony of New Governor

Handwara 24 August: Questioning the absence of Mr. N. N. Vohra on eve of oath taking ceremony of New Governor Mr. Satpal Malik at Srinagar Yesterday, AIP president Er. Rasheed has said that the way Mr. Vohra was shown the door is an insult not only to the personal stature of Mr N. N. Vohra but also to the institution of the Governor. In a statement issued today Er. Rasheed said “The reliable sources and circumstances do confirm that Mr. N. N. Vohra, who served the state for ten long years, was not even informed about the developments till Mr. Malik arrived Srinagar on Eid Day.

While he had gone New Delhi to discuss important issues with the union government, a sort of coup was arranged within no time and the New Governor rushed to Srinagar within hours of his appointment. One has a right to know if all was well what was the urgency of deputing New governor on eve of Eid and facilitating his oath in Srinagar overnight, when the Governor Mr. Vohra was out of the state and people including top officials were busy with the Eid celebrations.

Though we strongly believe that whosoever gets designated as Governor for J&K, his appointment is itself violation of constitution of India and J&K as the appointment of Governor is the violation of temporary instrument of accession and no non-state subject can be designated as Governor or the president of the state, but still one has other reasons also to condemn the manner in which Mr. N. N. Vohra was humiliated by overthrowing him in hurry and in a disgraceful manner”.

Er. Rasheed added that those chameleon Kashmiri main stream politicians, who would praise Governor after he took over affairs of the state, need to answer why they kept shameful silence over the manner new governor was appointed and made to take oath. He said “May one remind Dr. Farooq Abdullah of the fact how he and his party colleagues used to praise Mr. Vohra on daily basis and would call him man of principals and integrity but once Mr. Vohra was shown the backdoor these chameleons including Dr. Farooq Abdullah compromised even their own stature by receiving the newly designated governor at Airport.


He said that Mr. Vohra’s absence from oath ceremony was engineered and arranged but it has raised a huge question mark on the designs of New Delhi and the fact that New Delhi has been using people and then throwing them into dustbin stands authenticated.

Er. Rasheed asked so called main stream politicians to learn lessons from the manner Mr. Vohra a veteran and competent person was humiliated despite his huge contributions for the state.

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