Sajad Lone writes to Governer, seeks withdrawal of restriction order

Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Conference chairman and former minister Sajad Gani Lone has written a letter to Governor demanding revocation of the restriction order that bans civilian traffic on highway.

Below is the text of letter:

His Excellency
I am writing this letter to lodge a formal protest against Government Order No. 353-Home (ISA) of 2019 dated 03.04-2019 where under civilian traffic has been banned on National Highway for two days a week. This is the most despicable, irrational, undemocratic and senseless diktat ever to have been issued in a republic nation governed by the Constitution.

Mr. Excellency, this outrageous order violates Article 19(1)(d) of the Constitution of India, which guarantees to the citizens the fundamental right to move freely in any part of the country. By barring the movement of the people of the state two days a week, does the State Administration want to convey that the fundamental rights are not applicable to the State of J&K or that the Administration has the power to suspend these rights at its whim and caprice. I think your Excellency has been grossly misleading and ill advised in this matter

May I bring it into your kind notice that this shameful order, reminiscent of totalitarian and despotic era of governance, is bound to turn into a humanitarian disaster as the school children, employees, people connected with trade and business and people in dire need to travel in order to tend their daily needs of survival would not be able to move. This restriction will also have a disastrous effect on tourism industry in the State when the tourism season has just begun. Practically, the hustle and bustle of life in the State would be in off-mode for these two days.

While the safe movement of troops on the National Highway cannot be compromised or undermined, there are other ways to ensure that. That troops can either be airlifted from Jammu or transported through dedicated railway coaches from Banihal to Baramulla. It doesn’t need to put the entire civilian populace into distress and agony. Such a course would also result in bad blood between the civilian population and the armed forces, which would be detrimental for security environment of the state.

O accordingly appeal and request your Excellency to reconsider this issue and withdraw the order as expeditiously as possible. Such draconian orders have no place in civilized nations where rule of law prevail. Resorting to such measures send a wrong signal to the entire world that all is not well in the State of J&K and also rebuffs the tall claims of the government that situation in the state is under control.

With great regards,

Yours Sincerely,

(Sajad Gani Lone)
Chairman, J&K Peoples Conference

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