Ready to go to jail for 44 years but won’t compromise on the rights of people: Shah Faesal

Sangh shouldn’t under-estimate the new leadership in Kashmir.
Jammu and Kashmir People’s Movement supremo(JKPM) Dr Shah Faesal has vowed to fight for the socio-political rights of the people of Jammu and Kashmir at any cost.

In a TV interview, Dr Faisal said that people of the state ,who are by nature sincere and straight forward, have been deceived repeatedly since last 70 years on the promise of safeguarding their honour and dignity.

“JKPM leadership has ,with a clean heart , trodden on the path to fight for the rights of the people , even if it may cost life long prisonment to its caders” he said.
” To others, Mission 44 is about getting 44 seats to grab power. But for us (JKPM) politics is about Indai-Pak friendship, resolution of conflict without further bloodshed, and restoration of the rights and dignity of the people of Jammu and Kashmir, ” Dr Farsal remarked adding that Kashmir problem needs to be resolved amicably as per the urged and aspirations of the people.
He said Kashmir is a living political issue which has been in principle acknowledged by both the neighboring countries of India and Pakistan many times, even in Lahore, Tashkant, Delhi and Agra sumits. ” So the vexed problem needs to be resolved immediately for the betterment of the people of the respective countries especially for the people of J&K,
“Shah Faesal stressed adding that JKPM would pool all its resources to facilitate meaningful process of dialogue and reconciliation for the purpose.

He further added that mission of the party is to make J&K a Peace Corridor and gate way to Central Asia by restoring the silk route and opening all traditional links with rest of the world.

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