PSAJK welcomes Govt decision to allow movement of school buses, ambulances during convoys

Srinagar: 16 March 2019: Private Schools’ Association of Jammu and Kashmir (PSAJK) today welcomed the government decision to allow plying of school buses and ambulances during the convoy movement in Kashmir.

The Association said that the move will alleviate the suffering of students, teachers and students to a great extent. “The last few days were extremely stressful for our students as they used to suffer for hours during the convoy movement. Our entire education sector was in disarray due to disruption in time table,” said G N Var Chairman PSAJK. “Now we hope that this year’s education sector will come to normal. We welcome the government decision to exempt school buses and ambulances from restriction imposed on traffic during the convoy movements.”

The Association said that the step should be a starting point for delinking education sector from political and other non-education specific activities. “We have always been fighting to keep education aloof from any political activity. Kashmir is a conflict zone and it is the education sector which has suffered the maximum from all sides. This is affecting our future,” said Var. “We appeal all the stakeholders in Kashmir to treat education as a neutral zone for the posterity of Kashmir.”

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