PSAJK strongly protests against change of school timing

“Parents, teachers aghast. It is like daily early morning crackdown on kids”

Srinagar, April 30: Private Schools’ Association of Jammu and Kashmir has strongly protested against the latest government order that has imposed early morning timing for schools, particularly in the city.

The Association said that the latest order directing schools in Srinagar city to operate from 8.30 am to 2.30 pm is a torture for students particularly small kids. “For kids to reach at 8.30 am to school means that he has to board the bus anywhere between 7.00 am to 7.00 am and wake up and prepare even before that. Imagine a kid as small as four years old has to go through this torture every day along with his parents,” said G N Var Chairman PSAJK. “Many a time they are asleep in school bus and even in classroom, because they don’t get enough sleep. They can’t concentrate on their studies. Even their health is at risk.”

The Association termed the new timetable similar to daily early morning crackdown on students. “We have been in touch with parents and they say kids have to be dragged out of their beds with heavy heart to reach the school,” said Var. “Early morning timing can be suitable for hot climate but we are living in temperate region, the officers should understand that.”

The Association said that it is a scientifically proven fact that children tend to be active and fully aware only after 10.00 am and it is the best time to teach them. The Association said that then time table thrusted on schools will mar the learning ability of students. “Previously it was agreed with concerned departments that any change in school timing will be after consultation with Private Schools’ Association and parents, but they have unilaterally taken the harsh decision and we strongly protest it,” said Var.

The Association alleged that all this is being done so that few government babus and secretariat employees reach their offices comfortably at their own choice of timing and without having to navigate roads with schools buses. “In civilised world, students are given preference but here it is the opposite. The government is concerned for their own comfort and not anything else,” said Var. “We are getting hundreds of messages from worried parents and if government doesn’t change their order we may protest with a joint strategy.”

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