PDP suspends its Surankote leader over filing nomination for ULB polls

Decision taken against Hameed Manhas for disrupting party discipline, defying stand: Chief spokesman

Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Tuesday suspended one of its leaders from Surankote for filing the nomination papers as a candidate in forthcoming ULB polls.

As per party’s chief spokesman Rafi Ahmad Mir, one PDP functionary namely Hameed Manhas has been suspended from the party fold for undermining the directions passed by the party to its leaders and cadres that the party will not participate in the Panchayat and urban Local Bodies elections at present.

As per the spokesman, the party functionary in question filed his nomination as a candidate for ULB polls from Surankote and hence tried to disrupt the party discipline. He added that Mr Manhas tried to defy the unanimous decision that the party had already intimated to all its cadres across the state.

Pertinent to mention that PDP has already taken conscious decision unanimously that the party will not take part in any election process at present as the central government has been linking the hearing of the case pertaining to Article 35-A with the forthcoming Panchayat and ULB polls in the state.

The spokesman stated that if any of the party functionary or the leader defies the party’s stand, action against such a measure becomes inevitable. (KNS)

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