NC’s present politics hostage to Farooq Abdullah’s cricket scam: PDP

‘Omar Abdullah supervised NC’s erosion , reduced his party from 60 to mere 15 MLAs’

Srinagar: Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Monday said that the politics of national conference is right now hostage to Farooq Abdullah’s cricket scam in which no action was initiated since July 18 last year when CBI filed charge sheet against the NC patriarch.

In a statement issued here, senior PDP leader and former minister Naeem Akhtar stated that it is now becoming evident that NC has become a puppet whose strings are pulled by the people sitting in the power corridors of New Delhi. “The theatrics being done by the national conferee to stop joint resistance by the political groups in Jammu and Kashmir against BJP reflects how much under pressure is NC President due to his corruption case,” Akhtar said.

The PDP leader stated that it is ironic that Farooq Abdullah in other states of the country is trying to promote Mahagatbandan- knowing fully that he will make least difference there by becoming part of that front. However, says Akhtar, in his own state where his party could actually offer a joint resistance for the protection of Jammu and Kashmir’s core interests, Farooq Abdullah is doing everything to thwart any such move.

He added that NC is openly subverting unity of all forces to protect special status and core interest of Jammu and Kashmir with its latest political posturing.

Lashing out at NC’s vice President Omar Abdullah for levelling baseless, unfounded and unsubstantiated charges against the PDP, Akhtar said the undeniable reality is that Omar has supervised erosion of his own party during the last two decades. “Omar Abdullah had depended on desertions which he engineered during the last four years. His total politics was confined to that only. Now he is finding out that it is not stealing members from other parties that is substitute to inspiring people to join. That is not one of his achievements to inspire youngsters, professionals to join his party even when he was minister in the central government and a chief minister of the state,” Akhtar said.

The PDP leader said that NC Vice President has supervised erosion of his party during the last two decades and ever since he became NC President and minister in the central government, his party under his leadership has reduced from sixty in the legislative assembly to 15 now which is the historic low for any mainstream party. “He will do better if he takes care of the sinking ship of NC and make efforts to steer it to the shore instead of maligning other political parties who want to fight for peoples confidence,” Akhtar said.

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