LeT grieved over killing of Hurriyat activist Hakeem-Ur-Rehman

 Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) chief Mehmood Shah on Sunday expressed grief over the killing of a Hurriyat activist Hakeem-Ur-Rehman Sultan saying “those snatching the guardians of our daughters will also meet the same fate”.

A spokesperson of LeT Dr Abdullah Ghaznavi in a statement issued to GNS quoted Mehmood Shah as saying that “the army, police and agencies have chosen the path of destruction”.

“The Modi regime has announced the murder plans of more than 40 pro-freedom activists, and the police personnel and agents have been mobilized for this vicious task,” he quoted LeT chief as saying.

“We are not unaware of this game and are capable to retaliate against any evil agenda of the forces. We are only compelled when our own people are involved. This state terrorism is no more bearable. The forces through their actions have showed way towards their own homes. No excuses and consequences will be held acceptable tomorrow,” Mehmood Shah said. (GNS)

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