How is Maharashtra attack different than Pulwama attack: Er. Rasheed

Asks New Delhi will it impose AFSPA in Maharashtra and other Naxal hit states

Srinagar 02 May: Expressing sympathy with the families of commandos killed in brutal Naxal attack in Maharashtra, AIP President Er. Rasheed has reiterated that violence is not solution to any problem.

In a statement issued today Er. Rasheed said “while the attack is condemnable, New Delhi needs to introspect and answer certain serious and tough questions. Can New Delhi answer if it will show same anger and anguish towards the people of Maharashtra, it showed towards Kashmiris after the Pulwama attack? Will Maharashtrains be attacked the same way, Kashmiris were attacked in rest of the India and will the high ways be closed in the same manner Jammu Srinagar High Way is closed twice a week?” Er. Rasheed asked union government to answer that why the religion of the attackers is not being linked with the attackers who attacked and killed fifteen commandos in Maharashtra.

He said “Whenever any incident takes place in Kashmir New Delhi makes huge hue and cry not only in the country but across the world but why it keeps mum if more heinous attacks taken place in Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, West Bengal or other places. Is life of those killed in Maharashtra attack less important than the life of Jawans killed in Pulwama attack.

Kashmiris have a right to answer that why AFSPA is not being put in place in Naxal hit states and why are not draconian laws like PSA being imposed in these states”. Er. Rasheed while expressing sympathy with the families of killed police Jawans in Maharashtra reiterated that every human life is precious and there is no justification to violence neither by state nor by non-state actors.

Er. Rasheed added that Maharashtra attack has exposed the double standards of Indian state towards Kashmiris and it is yet again proven that New Delhi has huge hateredness towards Kashmiris and sees them as their enemies. Er. Rasheed said “The response shown to the Maharashtra brutal attack reminds US and Indian allegations against Pakistanis for classifying Taliban militants as good Taliban and bad Taliban.

It is obvious that Indian state is firm, brutal and harsh towards every Kashmiris but overlooks what is happening in Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh and other Naxal hit states for the reason it believes Naxals and other militant outfits in rest of the Indian as its own people, but sees every Kashmiri as its enemy”.

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