Geelani strongly condemns the issuance of series of notices against JRL leadership

Terming the prevailing volatile situation in Jammu and Kashmir as an utter failure and defeat of Indian military might to eradicate the freedom sentiments of the people of Kashmir, All Parties Hurriyat Conference chairman, Syed Ali Geelani in a press release said that the Indian rulers have allegedly started a character assignation campaign against the pro-freedom leadership of Jammu and Kashmir through its agencies like NIA and ED.

Strongly condemning the issuance of series of notices against the joint resistance leadership including Mohammad Yasin Malik, Dr. Umar Farooq, Shabir Ahmad Shah’s daughter Seema Shabir, his sons Dr. Naeem Geelani, Dr. Naseem Geelani, and grandson Anees-ul-Islam in addition to the already incarcerated leaders and businessmen in Tihar jail, Hurriyat chairman said that it is irony of the fate that the Indian political leadership especially the politico-religious extremists are hell bent to use every barbaric, inhuman and immoral tactics against the pro-freedom leadership by putting them behind bars on fabricated cases is nothing but to pressurize them to subjugation which is never going to happen.

He said that Shabir Ahmad Shah and Altaf Ahmad Shah have spent most of their life in Indian jails and today also they lodged in the Tihar jail for the last 2 years. They are in their custody to answer any question and issuing notices to their children is not only undemocratic, immoral but shameful as well.

Terming these brazen tactics as a clear sign of political bankruptcy of Indian rulers who are mistaken to muzzle the freedom slogans raised in the nook and corner of the state, pro-freedom leader said that people of Kashmir are proud of their moral victory over the Indian military might, who are using Kashmir as an election stunt to woo their voters.

Castigating the barbaric attitude of Indian rulers to change the jails into interrogation centers for the Kashmiri prisoners who have been deprived of the basic amenities, poor medical facilities, unhygienic food and increasing lock up period have rendered the prisoners as the victims of hypertension, and psychiatric problems and deteriorating health conditions.

Hurriyat leader also condemned the callous approach meted out to the prisoners of conscience who have been served the life-imprisonment. These lifers have been lodged in the jails, for away from their homes, which in their own legal system is absolutely illegal and illogical.

Hurriyat chairman while condemning the human rights violations meted out to the prisoners in various jails in and outside the state, appealed the UN Human Rights Commission, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and International Red Cross to pay early visit to the jails and take stock of the situation regarding the detenues of Jammu and Kashmir.

Meanwhile Paying glorious tribute to slain youth in Bijbihara gunfight, All Parties Hurriyat Conference chairman, Syed Ali Geelani blamed Indian leaders and said that their insensitivity, unconcern, denial and unrealistic approach is the sole reason for this unabated bloodshed in disputed land of Jammu and Kashmir.

These youths spilled their hot blood for the great and sacred cause of Kashmir and the entire nation is indebted to these martyrs for their ultimate sacrifice. It is the collective responsibility of the oppressed nation to take the ongoing movement to its ultimate destination.

Blaming stubborn attitude of Indian leadership for continuous bloodshed, Hurriyat chairman said that their denial and unconcern is the sole reason for this unabated bloodshed in Jammu and Kashmir and reiterating his stand that loss of human lives is a serious concern for every noble soul and there is no other option other than to honor and safeguard every precious live.

Pro-freedom leader has once again clarified its stand that unless the age old wounds of armed occupation are not healed and practical and concrete measures are not taken up by the occupiers and their perpetrators, human blood will continue to spill over and permanent political, economic and regional stability will remain a distant dream.

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