Geelani expresses concern over Supreme court decision for making Adultery legal

Expressing his grave concern on the recent Indian Supreme Court judgments where in Adultery has been legalized, All Parties Hurriyat Conference chairman, Syed Ali Geelani said that judicial onslaught on the social and family fabric of India has gone rampage.

Judicial decisions about homosexuality earlier and adultery now, threaten the very existence of the society. He said that legalizing the same sex marriage is on open war against nature and the human race ceases to exist if such immoral, unnatural and unethical laws are implemented. Indian culture is already at the verge of destruction where every nine minutes a woman is raped or sexually harassed. Now laws like this further tarnish these cultural and family ethoses.

He said that the basic and fundamental pillars of a healthy and moral society are a well cultured and morally sensitive family ties—but these basics are bulldozed in the name of equality and modernity.

He said that physical relationship between a man and women, without the confines and contours of marriage, are legalized, it opens the doors for prostitutions, sexual anarchy and destruction and when it goes unabated, every trace of sanity and humanity is lost—giving rise to numberless beasts and social vultures that always ambush to target their prey.

Hurriyat chairman appealed to the Indian scholars, journalist and conscious citizens to come forward to stop their immoral tsunami engineered and encouraged by Hindutva parcharks through their judicial peers. He warned that if laws like this go unopposed, time is not far when coming generations will cease to exist and if it will; it will be off its identity.

He said that all the needs, physical, psychological, environmental as well as sexual of a human being are being taken care of in almost of every religion, but they need to be fulfilled within systematic and moral boundaries. Man and women are also woven in a cocoon of marriage to satisfy then body needs—which has the social acceptance with a bag of responsibilities—giving rise to a healthy, accountable and morally sound society, otherwise irresponsible relationships may add to the population—but can no way be a basis for a good, safe and comfortable society.

He further said that Muslim social setup will be worst hit by such judicial maneuvering and it is the sole aim of people in power corridors to disrupt and disintegrate the social, moral and ethical bonding of Muslims throughout India. He said that Sang Parivar is trying its best to dismantle the strong and firm fundamentals of a Muslim society by repeatedly targeting their faith through judiciary, so that they themselves escape the blame and argue that it all is being done by the highest legal powers.

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