Er. Rasheed asked authorities not to shift prisoners from Anantnag Sub-Jail outside

Accused New Delhi of trying to make the families of detunes financially bankrupt

Condemning state government for violating constantly the rights of prisoners in various jails, AIP President Er. Rasheed has appealed authorities to reconsider the shifting of around ten detunes from Anantnag Sub-Jail to unknown destinations.

In a statement issued today, Er. Rasheed said “There can be nothing condemnable than the fact that the detunes including Pirzada Mohammad Ashraf resident of Batagund Verinag, Bilal Ahmad, Khursheed Ahmad Ganaie resident of Dialgam, Zahoor Ahmad, Mohammad Ashraf Ganaie resident of Brenthi, Abrar Ahmad Dar and few others were bundled in police vehicles from Anantnag sub-jail today for shifting them to unknown destinations outside Kashmir but the family members and general masses resisted the move and forced jail authorities to take them back to the barks.

While Pirzada Mohammad Ashraf is in the jail since last 13 years, Abrar Ahmad Dar a youth from Chowgam Qazigund is a cancer patient and his brother Shakoor Dar was also Martyrd six months back.

Government must answer to the public if it is scared of detunes inside the jails how can it claim to have any respect towards rights of  Kashmiris. However the fact is that under a well crafted policy Kashmiri Prisoners, who are not criminals but fighting for the political birth right of Kashmiris are being humiliated and tortured only for the reason that New Delhi wants to break the will of Kashmiris and subjects the detunes and their families to the worst kind of mental trauma besides making them financially bankrupt”.


Er. Rasheed reminded PM Narindra Modi of his tall promises about Kashmiris and promising to respect their right to live with dignity and said that Modi Ji’s words are losing credibility and there seems to be a huge gap between what he says and what is being implemented on the ground. Er. Rasheed appealed concerned authorities to reconsider the shifting of prisoners from Anantnag sub-jail and also condemned the fresh arrests of pro-resistance leaders.

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