EJCC Strongly Condemn The Derogatory Remarks Against Teachers By PDP Leader Nayeem Akhter

Employees joint consultative Committee (EJCC) has strongly condemn the derogatory and unparliamentery remarks of PDP leader and ex Education minister Nayeem Akhter which he has passed against the teachers which is most respectable section of our society.

In a statement issued to press here the cheif spokesman of EJCC Bashir Ahmad Ganaie has termed these remarks as most unfortunate and rediculas in nature.

Nayeem Akhtar termed the teachers as illiterate ones while in conversation with a caller and the call has gone viral. These remarks from ex education minister has perished the hearts of the teachers and such unparliamentary remarks are condemnable said the spokesman.

He urged the PDP President to look into this issue. Why every time teachers are at their target.

Why has been this man given freedom to speak everything against the teachers, asked Ganaie.(GNS)

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