Effective mechanism in place for fair procurement, garner competitive prices: JKMSCL

‘Rs 96 Cr drugs supplied to health institutions last year’

SRINAGAR, APRIL 30: Jammu and Kashmir Medical Supplies Corporation (JKMSCL) today said that the corporation has taken a string of measures including strengthening of online platform and further encouraging fair competition and garner competitive prices for procurement and distribution of drugs.

As per the Corporation, last year it provided/made supplies of drugs and medicines worth Rs 96 Cr to various health institutions of the state.

JKMSCL has at present the rate contract available for 949 drugs including suture material, disposable items and also R.C is available for 154 machine equipments including hospital furniture items.

As per budgetary distribution JKMSCL is supposed to place purchase orders for 75% of total budget and 25% are made available to HODs to meet the emergencies in the hospital and In case JKMSCL is not able to finalize any item due to poor response in tendering, NOC for the same item is being issued.

To minimize delay in timely processing of legitimate claims of the bona fide suppliers of drugs the government has streamlined the funding pattern to JKMSCL from the current financial year. This would prove as a short in the arm in JKMSCL’s endeavour to provide quality medicines at competitive rates in a time bound manner to the health institutions of the state.

In addition, the JKMSCL is undertaking e-procurement of Drugs & Machinery through Open Tendering in a fair & transparent manner through registered vendors. However, to further encourage Fair Competition & in its endeavour to garner competitive Prices, JKMSCL has dispensed away with mandatory registration in order to maximise competition & ensure competitive rates without compromising on the quality of drugs & prospective bidders through an inherent system of checks and balances in the SBD.

Online Supply Chain Management Software DVDMS, which monitors procurement & distribution of drugs on an online platform has been strengthened by effectively highlighting the numerous advantages of such system & chalking out training schedules in this regard for the end users to ensure that a robust & effective online system is put in place which would ensure timely placement of demand for drugs of health institutions of the state & their consequent distribution in sync with such demand.

Further, in order to Prioritise procurement of only Essential Drugs in consonance with the available Budget, Essential Drug List is being pruned from the existing number of 850 odd drugs to 300 in toto which would ensure focused attention on procurement of essential drugs in parity with available budget.

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