Darbar move employees rue lack of discipline on Srinagar- Jammu highway

Those who opt for Mughal road allege harassment

Nadeem Nadu

Darbar move employees on Sunday rued lack of discipline maintained by the traffic authorities on Srinagar-Jammu highway as gridlocks along the thoroughfare were witnessed on Sunday.

Vice President Civil Secretariat Employees Association Suresh Bedi told GNS that the traffic authorities have allowed two way traffic on the highway leading to the gridlocks.

He said that even advance parties face hardships and could not reach Valley on time which shows the failure of the government.

“What was the fun of reviewing the arrangements when nothing has transpired for employees well being on ground,” he said, adding employees will wear black bands as a mark of protest against it as well as against the non-fulfillments of the employees demands tomorrow here in Srinagar on the first day of re-opening of Civil Secretariat,” he said.

“Despite announcement of allowing one way traffic, the traffic authorities have allowed two way traffic on the highway which has led to massive traffic jams and we are stuck in Ramsoo for more than an hour now and we are not sure as to how much will it take for authorities to restore the traffic,”

Meanwhile, some senior employees of the civil Secretariat who took Mughal road to reach Valley said that they faced tremendous hardships due to alleged harassment by the army along the thoroughfare.

“We were unnecessarily stopped at many places by the army. Despite showing our Identity cards the forces personnel continued to harass us. One can imagine the hardships undergone by the common people and especially those suffering various ailments,” they said. (GNS)

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