DAK seeks free passage of hospital staff during convoy

Srinagar, April 03: Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) on Wednesday has sought free passage of hospital staff during plying of convoys on various roads in Kashmir Valley.

DAK President Dr Nisar ul Hassan urged concerned authorities to facilitate hassle-free movement of hospital staff during convoy.

“Pertinently after February 14 attack at lethpora central government has issued a circular barring traffic movement during convoy,” he said.

DAK President said due to frequent traffic restrictions during convoy movements, doctors and paramedical staff face immense problems.

“They have to wait for hours on roads. As a result, they reach hospitals late putting lives of sick and wounded at risk,” he said.
“This disruption of medical services is simply unacceptable,” he added.

“Halting of vehicles of medical personnel violates medical neutrality which refers to non-interference of medical services at all times,” Dr Nisar said adding that “under international Humanitarian Law doctors and paramedical staff must be allowed to take care of sick whatever the circumstances.”

“Doctors have been working tirelessly in difficult conditions to save lives. They put in their blood and sweat and work round the clock in hospitals. They come out from their homes in abnormally abnormal conditions and risk their own lives to save lives of patients. Not allowing them to reach their duties in time is not only unethical but criminal.” said Dr Nisar.

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