Crime Branch Kashmir resisted case against fake On Line Shopping Company for fraud.

Crime Branch Kashmir initiated a preliminary enquiry on the written complaint received from one person, which revealed that the complainant has received an SMS from Cell NO. 919523848205 informing him that he has won a lucky prize of Rs.12,80,000/- and TATA Safari Vehicle vide coupon code No. 101 from NAPTOL on line shopping Pvt. Ltd.

He was induced to deposit different amounts in different bank accounts under the garb of different charges /duties. The complainant deposited Rs.10,26,500/- Rs. 1,48,800/- Rs. 2,75,88/- Rs. 1,44,200/- Rs. 3,33,500/= Rs. 25,400/- Rs. 2,67,600/- Rs. 91,600/- Rs. 49,400/- Rs. 1,91000/- making in all an amount of Rs=23,05588 in various Bank Accounts of Punjab National Bank provided by the callers who projected themselves to be the employees of NAPTOL On-Line Shopping Ltd. and Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

It also came to fore that the suspects are not employees of NAPTOL On-line Shopping Pvt. Ltd. nor has the said company issued any Lucky Draw Coupon. In this manner the suspects who projected themselves to be the employees of NAPTOL On-Line Shopping Pvt. Ltd. and RBI, have in a deceitful and fraudulent manner and grabbed the hard eared money of the complainant amounting of Rs=23,05588/= on the pretext of winning a TATA Safari Vehicle and cash amount of Rs. 12,80000/- through a Lucky Draw.

The afore said acts of omission and commission on the part of alleged accused (1) Suresh Prasad S/O Anil Prasad (2) Mrs. Sweta Suman D/O Satendar Singh (3) Kunal Sharma (4) Vikas Kumar (5) Rajvi Kumar (6) Ravi Kant Kumar (7) Akash Gupta R/O Bihar, (8) Mrs. Rekha Devi W/O Lalit Singh, (9) Parveen Gupta R/sO Patna Bihar, and (10) Mrs. Phool Kumar Paswan R/O Mumbai (MH), prima-facia disclose commission of offences punishable U/S 420, 120-B,/RPC, 66-D I.T. Act. Case has been registered and further investigation taken up.

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