Count your numbers before talking about forming a Govt with NC: Abid Ansari to Altaf Bukhari

Dissident PDP MLA Abid Hussain Ansari in a sharp reaction to Altaf Bukhari’s statement on PDP’s tie up with National Conference for Government formation advised Bukhari to check his numbers before talking about a government with National Conference for defending Article 35-A and fighting communal forces.

Talking to Kashmir News Service (KNS), Ansari while taking a dig at Bukhari for his remark over formation of a new government with National Conference, said and questioned “Today when out of power Altaf Bukhari talks about defending Article 35-A but why the PDP led government of which Bukhari was a part didn’t file even a counter affidavit to defend Article 35-A and challenges thrown up against Article 370 in the Supreme Court of the country.”

Claiming that from where Altaf Bukhari will get the numbers for forming a government in alliance with National Conference when fifteen MLAs are out of PDP have already left the party, Ansari said “Altaf Bukhari is dreaming in day time and this dream would never come true. After all it is the game of numbers and Bukhari is trying to mislead people by floating false and unworkable propagations.” (KNS)


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