As BJP’s foreign minister, Omar was telling world Kashmir is a non issue – Vakil

‘Come this election, NC’s ship will face the fate of Titanic’

Srinagar, March 21: Senior vice president Peoples Conference and former minister Abdul Gani Vakil today hit out at National Conference saying the Abdullah’s are frustrated sensing that the ship of dynastic rule is sinking in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

In a statement issued here, Vakil while reacting to NC vice president Omar Abdullah’s indirect remarks on Peoples’ Conference, said that Peoples’ Conference (PC) is a 45-year old party founded by late Abdul Gani Lone, a thoughtful leader who had realised that the root of all problems prevailing in the State was embedded in dynastic rule.

Lambasting at NC for its frustration over the rise of PC and other new political fronts, Vakil said Abdullah’s ship of dynastic politics has sunk and their party is weakening day by day.
“The last election of 2014 saw the NC confined to just 15 seats only. And the height of it was that Omar Abdullah himself won by a margin of few hundred votes and that too from Congress. This proves that people are fed up of traditional parties,” Vakil Added.

He reiterated that it has been seen all along that whosoever have challenged dynastic rule has been labelled man of the Centre by these Abdullah’s who think Jammu and Kashmir is their personal fiefdom.

“Late Mufti Sahib was too labelled the man of the Centre when he challenged rule of dynastic rule of National Conference,” Vakil said.

He said Peoples Conference is getting public support day by day which has frustrated NC leadership.

“Omar and his father are living restless days and sleepless nights. They are scared and visualise their defeat in coming elections which forced them to accuse Peoples Conference of being the agents of the central Govt,” he added.

He reminded Omar Abdullah of his days when he was rubbing shoulders with BJP as a foreign minister in Vajpayee’s government. “That time BJP was acceptable for NC. As a Foreign Minister in their regime, Omar Abdullah was telling the world that Kashmir issue is no issue and everything is alright there,” he said.

Vakil cautioned people to stay vigilant and don’t fall prey to NC, as it has been old game of National Conference to place false allegations on anybody who questions their dynastic rule.

Vakil said that Omar Abdullah grew politically under BJP regime and what is surprising that he refused to resign when his party resolution related to autonomy was rejected by Delhi.

“Now NC leadership must understand that people can’t befooled anymore. They have understood their deceit politics and made up their mind to uproot the dynasty rule of both NC and PDP,” Vakil said.

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