Another mass crackdown in Kashmir: Govt employees, mostly teachers on list

Days after the leadership of the largest socio-religious-political organisation, Jama’at-e-Islami (JeI), were arrested along with other religious and resistance leaders, a second government crackdown, according to reports is imminent in Jammu and Kashmir .

New18, quoting government officials, reported that a list of around two hundred militant and Jama’at sympathisers including government officials, mostly teachers, has been prepared and the “militant sympathisers would be arrested soon”.

The report said that government servants, including some senior officials, have been named in the list and will be removed from their positions.

“These are the people who are working covertly. They not only provide financial and logistical support to the militants, separatists and other anti-national elements but also propagate separatist thought among youth,” a top official, who wished to remain anonymous told News18.

It said that the government has been working on the list from some time now and the move is aimed at “cracking down on the support base of militants and separatists” so that “elections could be held peacefully”.

“We have found a large number of government teachers actively doing subversive activities. They are also trying to propagate this at the place of their work, among colleagues and students,” the official said.

A report has even been compiled with the help of agencies, and local police in which several people have been indicted for spreading “separatist” ideology.

“This is going to be the second phase of the crackdown on the anti-national elements in Kashmir valley,” the official said.

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