Ahead of winter, authorities issue fire safety advisory

As the colder nights are fast approaching, the people have been urged to be careful when using heating appliances, outdoor open flames and disposing of smoking materials.

Over the years it has been seen that mishandling of heating gadgets during the winters leave dozens of people homeless.
The authorities said that it is important for the people to make sure the heating equipment in home is working properly. According to the survey the number one cause for fires is cooking, the number two cause is heating equipment.

The authorities said that this is the time of year when Jammu and Kashmir experiences dry conditions, which are perfect for grass fires to ignite and quickly spread. “Extremely dry conditions increase the risk for fires to ignite, while windy weather increases the chance and speed for any fire to spread. We asks everyone to be vigilant. Agriculture produce is vulnerable to fire, so people especially in the rural areas must be caution in this regard,.

Sources told that the government has also directed the fire and emergency department to provide information to the people about the risks associated with the cold weather. “The authorities should explain preventative actions including the removing of dry grasses, overgrown bushes, and dead branches of trees in this season,”
Sources said that the government has also directed authorities to be prepared for any changes to the fire risk. “As weather conditions and the fire risk changes, the fire department should continue to update the status of the fire safety advisory,” the government has said.

Sources said that Fire and emergency department had already issued advisory to Government Hospitals across the state to incorporate various fires fighting mechanism in their respective institutions. “Over the years we have seen increase in fire incidents in Kashmir during the winter season. We suggest people that they should be more careful while using the winter gadgets,” the fire department has said.
Meanwhile sources said that majority of the government buildings, hospitals; in the state have no major fire fighting system in place, which in turn is endangering the lives of thousands of people.

Sources said that functioning with critical safety gaps including lack of functional Fire-fighting system, the threat of tragedy is looming large over the government buildings as well as hospitals in Jammu and Kashmir.

Sources said that the urgent need is a Fire safety audit at all government buildings, hospitals in the state. The fire safety measures at places particularly with electrical installations should be reviewed. (KNS)

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