Why should state employees be forced to donate on day salary for Kerala flood victims:Er. Rsheed

Appealing state government to revoke the order asking its employees to donate one day’s salary for Kerala flood victims, AIP President Er. Rasheed has said that state government employees are not bonded laborers.


In a statement issued today Er. Rasheed said “No one other than Kashmiris can better feel the pain of flood hit victims of Karela but may state government answer that how many Indian states directed their employees to donate one day’s salary to flood hit victims of Kashmir in 2014. While J&K Bank and other government controlled institutions have already donated huge amounts for Kerala flood hit victims, but not even a single Penney has been given to the cloud burst victims of Tangdar so far.


Let government not forget that Kashmiris are facing worst days and every day they lose human lives and huge properties during encounters and other related incidents as such government employees being part of the society have already huge responsibilities and burdens on their shoulders. Maximum Government could have done , would have been to make an appeal to its employees and the general public to donate the amount of their will for the noble cause to help Kerala flood hit victims.


The government has no moral or legal justification to its authoritarian and colonial dictate asking its employees to donate one day’s salary to the flood victims”. He added that one should not forget how Indian media, a section of politicians and cozy room communal intellectuals disgraced and insulted Kashmiris for the meager support centre and others provided to flood hit victims of 2014.


He added that though it were brave hearted Kashmiri youth who at various places helped non state tourists and army personnel trapped in floods, but the national media misled not only Indians but entire world community by showing selective and edited videos and photographs as if every Kashmiris was at the total mercy of Army to get out of danger flood zones. He reminded that Indian army in 2014 had charged state government to the tune of even a single Penney for using its choppers during floods.


Er. Rasheed further said that even four years have passed thousands of families are yet been made to run from one office to another to get few bucks of relief. Er. Rasheed asked government to withdraw the dictatorial order and leave it to the conscience of government employees to help the flood victims of Kerala.    

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