Rewarding Major Aadatiya but still talking embracing Kashmiris makes no sense: Er Rasheed

Srinagar 16 August: Reacting to PM Narindra Modi’s desire to resolve Kashmir dispute by embracing Kashmiris, AIP President Er. Rasheed has said that unless New Delhi doesn’t clear its confusions and acknowledge the nature of dispute, words may not prove much fruitful and one should not forget that actions speak louder than words.

In a statement issued today, Er. Rasheed said “What Prime Minister told during his speech on Independence day, sounds good but unless words don’t match the ground realities nothing may change. It looks strange that New Delhi has huge contradictions in what it says and what it practices. What Modi Ji spoke from red fort stands hugely negated by the fact that one Major Aadatiya who embraced young Kashmiris by bullets in Shopian and killed innocents in cold blooded murder, has been rewarded with Shaurya Chakra.


Rewarding killers and then still talking of owning Kashmiris by Prime Minister exposes New Delhi’s contradictions”. Er. Rasheed also reminded army of the fact that on one hand army always gives a notion that it wants to contribute in providing Kashmiri children best education and also carries out many pro-people programs but justifying atrocities on unarmed civilians vanishes the advantage of some goodwill gestures being taken by the army.


It makes no sense that army on one hand claims credit for arranging coaching for NEET and other professional exams but on the other hand rather punishing the killers of these youth it rewards them with Shuriya Chakra. Er. Rasheed appealed PM Narindra Modi to give up the traditional policy of deception and time consuming and act like a true statesman, so that the Kashmir dispute is resolved once for all by doing justice with Kashmiris in accordance with UN resolutions.

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