Police arrests stunt biker in Srinagar

In a bid to curb stunt biking nuisance and save precious lives, Police Station Nishat Srinagar on 30-09-2018 arrested one stunt biker, who was performing dangerous stunts, scaring other road users on Boulevard road.

The biker was arrested soon after he was seen riding his bike with just the back wheel on the ground, and performing other dangerous stunts, scaring other road-users.
The stunt biker was performing stunts on modified motorbikes, disturbing other people using the same road.
Police Station Nishat has intensified checking at these points to ensure that no over- speeding or stunts take place. Nobody will be allowed to endanger life of road-users.

People have hailed the efforts of Police for putting check on bike stunting.
In this connection an FIR No 62/2018 under section 279 RPC has been registered in Police Station Nishat.
Police seeks cooperation of public to curb the bike stunting to save precious lives.


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