Mohan Bagwat’s statement on 35-A and 370 misleading:Er Rasheed

Calling RSS Chief Mohan Bagwat’s statement about Article 370 and 35-A as unrealistic, AIP President Er Rasheed has challenged RSS leadership to discuss on merits  not only the special status granted to J&K but the sanctity, validity and credibility of instrument of accession between New Delhi and J&K.


In a statement issued today Er Rasheed said, “on one hand RSS invites its political opponents and people with divergent views and religions for open discussions and debates, which should be welcomed, but on the other hand feels often scared and frightened to discuss seventy year long dispute with the people of J&K, whom RSS and its associates have been trying to silence through barrel of the gun and draconian laws.


Mr Bagwat needs to understand that the real Hindu Guru’s and spiritual Awatars like Ram Ji never imposed their opinion on any one and had never compromised on accepting the truth, even if it would harm their interests. Mr Bagwat rather talking about special status should support UN resolutions on Kashmir and must side himself with the truth.”  Er Rasheed revealed that he would be sending an invitation to Mr Mohan Bagwat for a debate at a place and timing of his choice to discuss the truth and myth about Kashmir dispute.


Er Rasheed welcomed NC and PDP’s criticism over Congress’s decision to participate in the municipal polls. He said, “it looks laughable when State PCC chief claims that his party would restore and protect the autonomy but forgetting the Himalayan fact that it was none other than Congress which bulldozed the special status, disgraced all kashmiri politicians and hanged Maqbool Bhat and Afzal Guru. If Congress sincerely believes in protecting and restoring the special status of J&K it must begin with offering an unconditional apology for eroding and bulldozing the special status of state since 1953.” Er Rasheed asked NC and PDP to understand the circumstances surrounding kashmiris and reiterated his appeal to both the parties to join hands.


Er Rasheed also condemned central Government for issuing ordinance banning triple talaq and said that the move has yet again exposed the main Indian political parties, how they disgrace Muslim community, infiltrate in their religious affairs and try to use religion of Muslims one way or the other for their petty vote bank politics.   

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