JKPC Sr Leader Mansoor Hussain aghast over frequent power cuts during Ramadhan

Srinagar, April 21(VP): Former legislator and senior Peoples Conference Leader Mansoor Hussian Sohrawadrhy has termed the pervasive power outages amid the ongoing Ramadan as frightening to the core. In a statement issued to ValePost (VP) Mansoor said that the power crises are menacingly looming large in both Jammu as well as in Kashmir with administration playing a proverbial ostrich, caring little about the insurmountable predicament the masses of Jammu and Kashmir have been plunged into. He said that frequent outages have resulted in large scale crisis on the ground with people facing plethora of hardships during Iftaar and Sehri- the occasions when need for the electricity is dire and inevitable. “Such a situation was never in the modern history of Jammu and Kashmir witnessed when the power cuts are so prolonged and unending. The irony is that the administration has adopted a complete indifferent approach to such a catastrophic situation. There is no accountability anywhere and people do not know where to narrate their ordeal and highlight their plight. This is bizarre, undemocratic and inhuman. The government must understand that it is once a year that the holy month of Ramadan arrives and punishing people during this time is humiliating,” Mansoor said.

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