JK Local Bodies Panch Sarpanch Association condemns Filmmaker Leena Manimekalai controversial poster on Goddess Kali

Deliberately hurting religious sentiments', strict action must be taken against her: MoulviTariq


Srinagar, July 8(VP): Molvitariq president of JK local bodies panch sarpanch Association condemns the controversial poster of Goddess Kali. MoulviTariq said that the insults against the Goddess are ‘not something new’. He recalled BJP National Spokesperson Nupur Sharma’s derogatory remarks against Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) sparked a row and nation wide condemnation.

In a statement issued to ValePost (VP), molvitariq said the unfortunate Director Leena Manimekalai posted another controversial poster of Lord Shiva and Parvati in which they are seen smoking and Nupur Sharma’s derogatory remarks against Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was a deliberate attempt for cheap publicity and TRP that people are selling the religious sentiments and promoting enmity between groups, which hurts the sentiments of the people at large and social media/News anchors turns it in bitter poison. There must be a full stop on media and exploiters, with a strict law, hope the Government will think over it before it breaks the unity among people in India.

We are in a wrong conflict with Pakistan and Chaina. Both are pulling our legs and look where Israel stands in developments and achievements even they got their independence one year after our country India. Let we maintain peace, unity, and build a strong nation and stand firm against those who promote enmity between different groups on grounds of religion.

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