If Indian Muslims have reservations in chanting ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ why is Farooq Abdullah insulting entire community: Er. Rasheed

Srinagar 21 August: Asking Omer Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti to shun hypocrisy, AIP President Er. Rasheed has said that Farooq Abdullah chanting “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” and likewise slogans are not a matter of surprise for any Kashmiri as he is the master of hypocrisy. In a statement issued today Er. Rasheed said “It is moral obligation of all of us to show respect towards late Atal Bihari Vajpayee after his death but Mehbooba Mufti,  Farooq Abdullah and Omer Abdulah need to understand the difference between respect, homage and chameleon praising.

No one can deny Vajpayee’s qualities as a leader, his being a hardcore nationalist and the most credible voice of his times in Indian politics, however whatsoever Mehbooba Mufti and Farooq Abdullah and likewise people from Kashmir are attributing towards Vajpayee Ji is far away from reality and nothing except false praises. May Farooq Abdullah answer if he wants to die on Wajpee’s path, who threw NC’s Autonomy resolution to dustbin. Was not Vajpayee Ji a die-hard fan of Shama Prsad Mukharjee who was known for his commitment to integrate J&K fully with Indian state.

Whatsoever Farooq Abdullah or someone else from his dynasty has been doing since 1947 till date, is always part of a well crafted strategy to create confusion on occasions and ultimately strengthen New Delhi’s view Point on Kashmir. Same is the case with chameleon faced Mehbooba Mufti who seems to have forgotten that it was Atal Bihari Vajpayee who objected to her presence on the stage when he visited Srinagar as Prime Minister of India, but she needs to remember that history doesn’t take sides”.

Er. Rasheed added “Being an Indian or praising late Vajpayee Is not a crime but using words of the choice that may suit their personal agendas of power politics and then negating them one other occasions is like stabbing Kashmiris from the front. Let Farooq Abdullah not forget that Indian Muslims who are more Indians than anyone too have serious reservations in chanting Bharat Mat ki Jai slogans, as such Farooq Abdullah raising such slogans is an insult to entire Muslim community.

All those praising Vajpayee’s Kashmir policy should answer weather Vajpayee was ready to implement UN resolution, implement Self rule formula or restore Autonomy. Those Praising Vajpayee’s Kashmir policy are making a joke of themselves and are doing just a disservice to the people of Kashmir, who truly want to praise anyone who  sincerely believed in resolving Kashmir dispute once for all”.


However Er. Rasheed asked Kashmiris to introspect and answer that it is their support for the two dynasties which often gives Sheikhs and Muftis a chance and a license to name, shame and abuse them. He added that rather attributing anger towards Mehbooba Mufti or Farooq Abdullah let Kashmiris take pledge not to support them and say bye bye to their dirty power politics.

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