End 35-A Tamasha and talk about UN resolutions:Er. Rasheed

Expressing displeasure over adjournment of hearing on Article 35-A, AIP President Er. Rasheed has said that Kashmiris from Lakhanpur to Karnah were expecting petition to be dismissed and rightly so.

In a statement issued today Er. Rasheed said that it stands yet again proven that New Delhi is using Article 35-A just to divert attention from the real issue of J&K as it is defending the indefensible as far as the real larger dispute is concerned. Er. Rasheed said “Engaging Kashmiris  with 35-A in Supreme Court is like killing them with slow poisoning.

However Kashmiris have no option but to defend 35-A till their last breath, even though New Delhi wants to keep them indulged in a debate till they forget the real issue, but that may never happen as no one can compromise the huge sacrifices offered for resolution of Kashmir dispute in its historic perspective”.

Er. Rasheed added that the court deferment has increased the need that main stream parties especially NC and PDP should meet the Prime Minister and other relevant authorities to convey that 35-A Tamasha should end and the real focus should be the final settlement of Jammu & Kashmir dispute in light of UN resolutions. He said “It is disgraceful that state and central government have managed and insured deferment of 35-A in Supreme Court only to conduct Panchayat and Municipal Polls.

Citing Panchayat and Municipal polls as a reason for deferment has exposed the true designs of centre and state government as they have not  sought rejection of the petition but just the deferment and thus are moving ahead for implementing a larger agenda based on bulldozing rights of Kashmiris. No one is denying significance of local and urban body polls but centre wants main stream parties to cheat their people by first persuading them to participate into elections and then getting entire Kashmiri nation stabbed by restarting 35-A debate.

Let us reiterate that Omer Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti must lead an all party delegation and meet Mr. Modi and tell him that no one should be allowed to blackmail Kashmiris over 35-A and unless it doesn’t happen at least regional main stream parties should take a tough stand and reconsider their participation in upcoming local bodies polls”.

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