Didn’t order detention of militant’s father, says Vaid

The Tribune


Former Director General of Police (DGP) Shesh Paul Vaid, who was unceremoniously removed late Thursday evening from his post, has said he was not sounded about his transfer. He also disclosed that he did not order the controversial detention of militant commander Riyaz Naikoo’s father.

The detention of Naikoo’s father on August 30 and the setting ablaze of houses of militants allegedly by forces had triggered a chain of reactions from militants who abducted at least 11 relatives of policemen. They were set free by militants only after Naikoo’s father was released. The “kidnapping fiasco” is being put forward as one of the reasons for Vaid’s sudden removal.

“Not everything is asked from the DGP,” Vaid said when asked whether it was on his direction that Naikoo’s father was detained. “The police is a big department. Beyond this, I would not like to say anything,” Vaid told The Tribune in his first interview after being removed from the top police post.

The former DGP said he had no indication that he would be transferred or removed from the post.

“No one sounded me but yes, the transfer is the prerogative of the government,” Vaid said.
His sudden late night transfer as the Transport Commissioner has given rise to many speculations as to what made the state remove him. Vaid, who is retiring next year, said he will, however, miss the uniform.

“Leaving the uniform is an emotional moment. My next assignment is in the civvies. I will definitely miss the uniform. We have a lot of attachment and pride wearing it,” he said.
The former DGP said during his tenure, the law and order situation was much better as compared to 2016.
He said any loss of life, even if it was of a local militant, was very painful.

“A young boy who should be actually making his career and contribute to family, state and country is instead picking up the gun for whatever reasons and dying. At times, I used to think not only as a police chief but as a father and brother.

How his parents must be feeling. That’s very painful. After all, these are our boys. It’s sad they are getting influenced by radical ideologies,” he said.
The way out from the violence requires a whole government approach rather than leaving it to the security forces, he added.

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